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Renewable Energy Center

Renewable energy is no longer a thing of the future, it’s a thing of the present and we’re part of it! At Waters & Bugbee, we’ve completed several ground mount solar installations, handling all aspects of the site development. Site clearing, road installation and storm water control to final restoration we can handle the entire project.

Site Preparation

A considerable amount of site preparation needs to be completed before a ground array can be installed. At Waters & Bugbee, we handle all aspects of the site preparation. Site clearing, road installation, storm water control and final restoration can be handled with one contract. With landfill redevelopment becoming more a part of solar development projects, we have invested in the specific certifications and equipment required to work in these environments. This includes Hazmat certifications for our field personnel as well as low impact equipment to maintain the integrity of the protective liners common on these sites.

Electrical Distribution

After the site is prepared, we provide the support necessary for the electrical interconnect to be completed. This includes trenching for the array conduit installation, constructing the inverter and primary distribution pads, and interconnecting conduits for the utility. In addition as an approved contractor for all of the regional electrical utilities we are able to support any upgrades required to the primary side of the installation as well.