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Porous Pavement Center

We're proud to be the sole contractor for this unique porous pavement product in the state of NJ. Made of recycled rubber, crushed aggregate and a proprietary urethane binder, once placed, this product provides an extremely porous, tactile surface perfect for trail systems, walkways and a variety of other applications

Easy Installation

The material arrives palatalized to each project location. The rubber, stone and binder are then mixed on site in a five-yard mixer. Once prepared, the material is transferred to the ' area. It is then spread and formed by hand. No compaction of the product is required, it is finished with a bull float to maintain the air voids that give it it such high porosity. Once in place, the material cures and the area is accessible within 24 hours.

Color Selection

The diverse color pallet allows for a myriad of combinations to enhance any landscape design. This design freedom, coupled with the rubberized ADA-compliant surfacing, makes it favorable for hospital and assisted living facility applications. Flexipave is available in five standard solid colors: black, bark brown, redwood, and green. Depending on the application two or more colors can be blended to achieve a more architectural palette. Additionally, we may be able to modify the finish color by choosing different aggregates or even providing custom coloration at an additional cost.